in our massive CyberArenas, which give you true freedom to move about in every direction. Just try your best not to get lost in there, ok? Currently 4v4 players.


with our mobile app to track everything from your arena stats, to your friends (or enemies!) rankings, to arena live-streams and tournament news. Coming soon.


how you can ever go back to regular gaming after trying our experiences.

You'll not hear it, see it, and feel it. You'll live it.


our 1st CyberArena, located in the Salt Lake City area. Drop us a line if you'd like for us to come to your city next! We are on the lookout!

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Next Gen

We're taking everything you know about VR and pushing the boundaries of fun. Combining the latest in body tracking sensors, rumble haptics, and wireless headsets to create a marker-less volumetric motion capture experience.

No more taking time to put on body trackers (that often slip off). It's all done with our next generation computer-vision enabled capture rig that stars working the moment you step into the arena.

Walk in, strap on a headset, and begin playing. That's it. All while seeing you and your friend's movement's fully replicated in a live 3D environment.

Check out our backstory here:

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